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Hull Business Support Handbook

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Welcome to the latest edition of Hull City Council’s Business Support Handbook.

The Hull and Humber area is on the brink of an exciting and transformational period of economic activity and growth.

Following the Siemens announcement, over the next several years our area aims to become...

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With an engaging mix of how-to guides, feature articles, checklists, expert Q&As, FAQs, case studies, video content and blogs, each site provides new and established businesses with free advice about how to manage a range of key tasks and issues. The sites also contain a weekly round-up of small business news.

Donut information is updated regularly and checked by a network of leading business support professionals and independent experts.



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I had a great business idea, contacts and knowledge, so why work for someone else? But the banks were unsure about my choice of location for the business and refused me the loan that I needed.


Sirius recognised the potential and gave me a start-up loan. Once I gained the backing of Sirius, the banks started to take my proposal more seriously. Without this support I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do what I am doing now.” has now been trading for ten years. The business continues to expand, setting up an e-commerce website and diversifying into the contract market, offering furniture and a complete interior design service for bars, beauty salons and offices. “Sirius believed in me when no one else would. Now I’m expanding, taking on new staff and giving young people a chance. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible”

Jason Bowers - Interiors–TheStudio.Com

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