Business Plan Compilation

Business Planning remains one of the most important tasks for both start ups and existing businesses. A Sirius business Advisor can help you to understand why, and how it can be achieved. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail!

Headings for your business plan:-

· 1 page executive summary
· Background
· The proposal
· Finance requirement & security
· Financial breakdown – how much are you/others putting into the project
· What are you spending the funding on (shopping list)
· Risks
· Opportunities
· SWOT analysis
· Market analysis
· The marketing plan
· Strategy
· Timescales & planning
· Cash flow forecasts/projections

Appendices should include:

statements of assets & liabilities of all applicants, C.Vs, any certified accounts, property details, certificate of incorporation, memorandum & articles of association, any available price lists, brochures, business cards, plans, press cuttings.

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