Digital wellbeing for SMEs

Digital wellbeing for SMEs


DIGITAL CROSSROADS aims to design, develop and implement a new approach to train European SME managers in employee digital wellbeing.

We’re ready for your feedback!

The team at National Enterprise Network invite you to join us in the first round of user testing for Digital Crossroads - an Erasmus+ project on which NEN is a partner.

Click here to watch our short video for SME Managers


Let’s get testing!

We need NEN Members to try the online tool and give us your feedback before Friday 6 August. Please share these links with the SME Managers in your Network:

Step 1: Receive a FREE digital wellbeing report for your organisation in minutes

Find out how your organisation shapes up when it comes to Digital Wellbeing by completing the Digital Pathway Creator

Digital Wellbeing Pathway Creator An interactive online tool for SME managers, enabling an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their employee’s digital wellbeing.


Step 2: Share the online tool with your networks and ask them to complete this short survey

Digital Crossroads needs feedback from:
- SME Managers
- Entrepreneurship/Business Education Providers
- Education and Business Development Stakeholders
- SME Employers