ICT Start Up Grant available via #GrowMySME project

ICT Start Up Grant available via #GrowMySME project

Eligible businesses must be less than 12 months old based on registration with HMRC/Companies House. There is potential to apply for a £1k grant towards a £2k-£2.5k project to include things like purchase of software & hardware, creation of a business website, digital marketing etc.

Further guidance is listed below.


Please note the grant cannot cover any items that have already been purchased, the business must go through the application process and receive approval first.

Anyone wishing to find out more should submit an expression of interest at our website below:



New Business Start-Up Grant Guidance (ICT for Growth)
Grant Criteria
The purpose of this grant scheme is to support new businesses with ICT related start-up costs such as hardware, software, a website, etc. Please note the following:
- The grant funding is available to eligible businesses based in Hull, East Riding, North Lincs and N.E. Lincs Council districts.
- The business must be eligible to receive ERDF funding.
- Age of business- the business must have been registered at Companies House or HMRC for less than 12 months at the time the grant application is submitted.
- Any company who has previously received an ICT for Growth grant is not eligible.
- The grant amount is £1,000. The minimum total project spend is £2,000 (net of vat) and the maximum spend is £2,500 (net of vat).
- Any items purchased prior to written approval to proceed from the ICT for Growth programme team will be deemed ineligible.
- Grant payments are made in arrears; therefore the business must have the funds available to pay for the whole project up front.
- In order to claim the grant, the business must submit invoices for all items purchased (detailing VAT if applicable) and provide proof of payment (a redacted business bank statement) showing the total project spend including any VAT as applicable. The business bank statement is a mandatory requirement, cash payments are not accepted. Payments made from a personal bank account will not be accepted. Payments must be made from a business bank account).


The New Business Start-Up Grant can support the following projects:
- Specialist software e.g. Microsoft Office, Accounting, etc.
- Purchase of a PC or laptop
- Purchase of a tablet or iPad
- 1st time website or basic e-commerce, domain name, 1st year hosting
- Digital marketing (pay per click, search engine optimisation, analytics, etc.)
- Printer

The above list is not exhaustive. Any queries regarding the eligibility of a potential new business start-up grant project can be discussed with the Programme Officer (Daisy – daisy.scott-mccahill2@hullcc.gov.uk – 01482 615218) or an ICT Advisor (Les Selby – south bank – les.selby@northlincs.gov.uk – 07717587394) and (Felicity Clayton – north bank – felicity.clayton@eastriding.gov.uk – 07759421055).