Latest Business Support news from East Riding of Yorkshire Council - 11/7/23

Latest Business Support news from East Riding of Yorkshire Council - 11/7/23

Business Updates

Deadline for voluntary National Insurance contributions extended to April 2025
The UK government is giving people more time to pay National Insurance contributions towards their State Pension.
Taxpayers now have until 5 April 2025, an extension of nearly 2 years. This means that people have more time to consider whether paying voluntary contributions is right for them and ensures no-one need miss out on the possibility of boosting their State Pension entitlements.
See: Deadline for voluntary National Insurance contributions extended to April 2025 - GOV.UK (
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Protecting lone workers: How to manage the risks of working alone
Lone workers can be at greater risk of harm as they may not have anyone to help or support them if things go wrong. Employers should provide training, supervision, monitoring, and support for those working alone.
The Health and Safety Executive’s free-to-download leaflet, protecting lone workers: How to manage the risks of working alone, is for anyone who employs lone workers, or engages them as contractors etc, including self-employed people.
The leaflet is supported by their lone working webpages which include advice aimed at lone workers themselves, as well as a video setting out the key advice.
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Fully funded ILM Level 3 Qualifications in Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector
CITB is investing £10.5million to offer Leadership and Management training courses and qualifications for registered employers. Running until 31st March 2025 10,500 courses are being provided to front-line managers, site supervisors and site managers in England, Scotland, and Wales.
The training is completely FREE of charge with only a registration fee of £137 applicable for certification purposes.
The qualification is intended to help supervisors and managers to effectively lead, supervise, and manage staff in the built environment and the construction industry, through an in-depth understanding of leadership and management principles.
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Find a Grant service launched
- New Find a Grant service could save up to £270 million through increased efficiency and preventing fraud.
- Service will make it easier for organizations to find grants, as well as reduce duplication and cut time spent on grant applications by 72%.
- Find a Grant also levels the playing field, with pilot showing levelling up benefits, with 43% more funding awarded to organizations in the north of England.
A brand-new UK-wide digital service for organizations applying for government grants could save up to £270 million through efficiencies and fraud prevention.
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Topic Of The Week
Artificial intelligence (AI)
In just a few short years, AI tools have had a profound impact on businesses across the globe.
From automating repetitive tasks to providing insight into customer behaviour, AI is helping businesses become more efficient, effective, and competitive.
It’s not just the big companies that are benefiting from AI - small businesses are using it to level the playing field and compete with larger organisations. And as AI technology continues to evolve, the opportunities for businesses to leverage its power will only grow. If you’re not already using AI to your advantage, now is the time to start.
Small businesses are using AI tools like chatbots to automate customer service and save time, while still providing a great experience for their customers. They’re using AI-powered marketing tools to better understand their target audiences and create more effective campaigns. And they’re using AI-powered data analytics to gain insights into their operations and make smarter decisions. Some popular AI tools that small businesses are using include Google Analytics, Zoho CRM, and Intercom.
Some small businesses are using a tool called Klaviyo to power their email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo uses AI to segment email lists and personalise messages based on customer behaviour, which results in higher engagement and conversions.
Another popular tool is Zapier, which is used to automate business tasks across different apps. It’s a no-code tool that lets small businesses connect their apps and create automated workflows without the need for programming.
Other popular tools include Canva for graphic design, Grammarly for emails and write-ups, Asana to help with project management and Wordpress with Ai integration, for website design.
Please note this article was written and produced in less than a minute using AI.
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Business Breakfast Networking Event
Following on from the success of our previous Networking Business Breakfast Events, the University of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Council are pleased to announce that our next event is open for booking.
Ideal for small or large companies in any sector, these quarterly events will give you the chance to explore new opportunities and connections for your business.
This next event takes place on 28 September 2023, 7.30am at ergo Business Centre, Bridgehead Business Park, Meadow Road, Hessle.
Register to secure your place!
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Is Starting a Business Right For Me?
Are you interested in starting your own business?
If you are but don’t know where to start, then come along to one of our free business advice workshops, aimed at dispelling some of the myths around how to start a business and giving you lots of useful help and tips on how to progress your ideas.
Sessions will last approximately 2 hours 30 minutes and will be running various dates, at a range of venues around the East Riding of Yorkshire and places are limited so make sure you book your place now!
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