National Insurance contributions – further update

National Insurance contributions – further update

Last time we told you about the end date for paying voluntary National Insurance contributions, well good news, after members of the public voiced concern over the previous end date of 5 April 2023 they have extended the end date 31st July 2023. Anyone with gaps in their National Insurance record from April 2006 onwards now has more time to decide whether to fill the gaps to boost their new State Pension. Any payments made will be at the lower 2022 to 2023 tax year
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National minimum wage rate changes as of 1st April 2023

Current rates
These rates are for the National Living Wage (for those aged 23 and over) and the National
Minimum Wage (for those of at least school leaving age). The rates change on 1 April every year.


                                       23 and over     21 to 22    18 to 20    Under 18     Apprentice
April 2022 (current rate)   £9.50              £9.18        £6.83        £4.81          £4.81
April 2023                        £10.42            £10.18      £7.49        £5.28          £5.28

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