Sirius Bulletin -29th November 2021

Sirius Bulletin -29th November 2021

This bulletin provides a summary of topical news, announcements and policy developments affecting business across the UK.



Websites closed on Black Friday

Over 80% of independent retailers closed down their websites on Black Friday and donated their profits to charity. Retailers did this to protest against on line giants such as Amazon that offered deals on Black Friday.
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Prices highest in almost 50 years

In October 2021, food prices reached their highest level since 1975. Economists at BCA Research warned that rising freight, fertiliser and fuel costs would keep food bills at a high level until 2023.
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New buildings must have EV charging

New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and offices will be required to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points installed from 2022. The plans have been criticised for unfairly shouldering all of the cost on the construction industry, rather than energy suppliers.
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Sector is fastest growing in UK

Tourism and recreation was the fastest growing UK sector in October 2021 for the second month in a 
row, according to the latest Lloyds Bank UK Recovery Tracker. The sector was boosted by the relaxation of travel rules.
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Net zero roadmap published

Make UK and Inspired Energy have published a step-by-step net zero roadmap for the manufacturing sector. The roadmap provides steps and milestones to help the sector become net zero by 2050.
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Car maintenance

Platform achieved best ever month saw record growth in Q3 2021, with bookings increasing by 238% compared to Q3 in 2020. The platform also increased the number of garages using the service by 221.
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Increase in employers stating vaccine requirements

The number of UK job adverts explicitly requiring candidates to be vaccinated against Covid-19 has grown by 189% over the past three months. The jobs were in sectors where vaccination is a legal requirement as well as in sectors where it is not mandatory.
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Electric vehicles

New digital marketplace

A free on line service for buying and selling electrified cars has been launched. Discover EV includes listing for electrified cars for sale from dealers and private individuals.
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Change in law could result in ban

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill has been extended to recognise that sea creatures such as lobsters, octopus and crabs can feel pain. The Government claims that there will be no direct impact on the way they are caught or prepared in restaurants. However many experts believe that inhuman slaughtering and catching practices will be eventually banned.
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New store opens using Just Walk Out technology

Starbucks has opened its first store that uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. Customers that have ordered via the Starbucks app are able to walk in and collect their order and when they leave they will be charged via their Amazon account.
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