Sirius Bulletin -8th November 2021

Sirius Bulletin -8th November 2021

This bulletin provides a summary of topical news, announcements and policy developments affecting business across the UK.


Next-day deliveries to be paused ahead of Christmas

Retailers could limit their next-day delivery services in the lead-up to Christmas due to supply chain disruptions and staff shortages. Next and The Entertainer are examples of retailers considering a temporary pause on delivery services to manage increased demand for online orders.
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Sector urged to offer more higher welfare meat

The UK foodservice sector is lagging behind retailers in providing customers with higher welfare meat and free-range eggs. According to RSPCA Assured, closer working partnerships with suppliers are required to enable businesses to switch to higher welfare produce.
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Output growth slows at start of fourth quarter

In October 2021, manufacturing production rose slightly and at the slowest pace for eight months. Manufacturers reported that supply chain delays alongside shortages of raw materials, staff and certain skills had contributed to slower output growth.
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Production falls for a third consecutive month

A total of67,169 cars left production lines in September 2021, down 41.50/oyear-on-year and the worst figure for September since 1982. Output continues to be hit by the global shortage of semiconductors, which has resulted in reduced orders, cost increases and logistical delays.
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Green retail

Consumers spend £100 a month on ethical products

The Co-op’s Ethical Consumerism report reveals that UK households are spending an average of£ 100 a month on lowering their carbon impact. The report reveals that spending on plant-based foods, renewable energy, eco transport and second-hand clothing amounts to £1,210 per household per year.
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UK brands set to spend an extra £1bn in 2021

Advertisers are expected to spend almost £1 billion more on marketing their products this Christmas compared to 2020, after last season was disrupted by Covid-19. UK brands are forecast to spend a record £7.9 billion on advertising during Q4, the highest quarterly ad spend since figures were first compiled in 1982.
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Customers unlikely to visit branches

A quarter of people are unlikely to visit a bank branch again after experiencing the benefits of digital banking during Covid-19 lockdowns. Customers are also willing to share their personal data in exchange for personalised services.
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New proposals to strengthen UK regulation

A new report published by the Regulatory Horizons Council has set out how the UK could support the rapid and safe commercialisation of drones. The report outlines several regulatory challenges and ways the Government and the Civil Aviation Authority could help to address them.
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UK to build floating wind ports and factories

New large-scale floating offshore wind ports and factories are to be built in the UK. Developers and manufacturers will be able to bid for a share of up to£ 160 million in new funding, to kick-start projects across the UK.
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