Sirius Bulletin - 24th May 2022

Sirius Bulletin - 24th May 2022

This bulletin provides a summary of topical news, announcements and policy developments affecting business across the UK.


Food promotion

Delay for multibuy deals and advertising restrictions

Restrictions on multibuy deals and advertising foods high in fat, salt or sugar have been delayed for a year. The restrictions will now come into force in October 2023.
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Door staff shortage impacting public safety

Three quarters of nightlife businesses, such as pubs and nightclubs, believe that door staff shortages are impacting on public safety. Over half (57%) of businesses thought that the quality of door security staff was poor, with only 31% believing that security staff were up to standard.
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Ag inflation soars to decades-high record

Inflation in agriculture soared to 30.6% in April 2022, the highest level for decades. Livestock and dairy farms have been hardest hit.
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Social commerce

More small businesses using TikTok

The number of business owners under 40 using TikTok has doubled post-pandemic. There has also been an increase in the number of small business owners using Facebook and lnstagram. The increase has been attributed to the growth in social commerce.
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Resale market to more than double

The global fashion resale market is expected to grow 127% by 2026, three times faster than the wider retail clothing industry. Around 58% of consumers say second-hand shopping has helped them in some way amid rising inflation.
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Government incentives encourage organic farming

In 2021, land going through the two-year conversion period to organic had risen year-on-year by 34%. Organically farmed areas could increase further following the Government’s announcement that it would pay up to double the previous stewardship rates to farmers in England who convert their land to organic.
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NatWest explores a separate online lender

NatWest is considering launching a separate digital lender for small businesses in the UK. The plan would bring NatWest together with Brussels-based Aion through a new joint venture.
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Electric vehicles

Rental home charger grants

One in five properties in the UK could benefit from new Government grants to help fund electric vehicle home charging points for rented properties. The grants will allow renters and landlords to have access to a charging point to recharge their electric vehicles at home.

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