Sirius News Bulletin - 19th July 2021

Sirius News Bulletin - 19th July 2021

This bulletin provides a summary of topical news, announcements and policy developments affecting business across the UK.

Online sales
Online retail sales fall at highest rate in history
In June 2021, online retail sales fell by 14% year-on-year, according to the latest figures from the IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Index. This was the biggest monthly fall ever recorded. The fall was partly due to tough year-on-year comparisons as online retail sales were at a 12-year high in June 2020.
Read more about the fall at:—at-highest-rate—i n-history-in-june

Food and drink
Calls for £3bn sugar and salt tax
The Government is being urged to levy a £3 billion sugar and salt tax to cut consumption of meat and junk food by nearly a third and help tackle climate change. The proposal could add 1p to a bag of crisps and 7p to a Mars bar.
Read more about the levy at: m/poIitics/2021/ju I/15/food-strategy-caIls-for- 3bn-suga r-and-sa lt-tax-to-improve-uks-diet?

Convenience retail
Home delivery guide for retailers
ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has updated its guidance on home deliveries. The updated guide provides an overview of the different options for retailers either to evolve their offer or provide home delivery services for the first time.
Download the guide at:

Supply chains
Christmas shortages predicted due to shipping demand
Toy retailer The Entertainer has warned that pent-up shipping demand will affect product availability this Christmas. Global supply chain bottlenecks are predicted to cause disruption for toy deliveries in Q3 2021 which will impact on the availability of stock later this year.
Read more aboutthe warning at:­ crisis/7040271.article


Residential care
Compulsory care worker vaccinations approved by MPs
From October, anyone working or volunteering in a care home in England must have had two Covid- 19 jabs, unless they have a medical exemption. The rules will also apply to people coming into care homes to do other work, such as healthcare workers, hairdressers and beauticians, and tradespeople.
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Car sales
Confidence grows in the auction sector
A survey carried out by the National Association of Motor Auctions has revealed continued strength in the used car market, driven by demand for vehicles and reduced supplies of stock.
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Eight in ten firms struggling to hire IT contractors due to IR35
More than eight in ten organisations have struggled to hire IT contractors over the last year. As demand for technology skills has increased, reforms to IR35 rules have made it difficult to source contractors.
Read more about the issue at: 10 firms struggling hire it contractors due ir35 hays.html

Future Farming Resilience Fund to open in August
From August 2021, the Future Farming Resilience Fund will provide business support to farmers and land managers to help them understand the changes to farm funding. The support will be available, free of charge, until March 2022.
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Online payments
Apple to launch a buy now pay later service
Apple and Goldman Sachs are partnering to launch a buy now, pay later service through Apple Pay. The Apple Pay Later service will give Apple Pay users an option to spread payments across four interest-free instalments made every two weeks, or across several months with interest.
Read more about the service at:­ pay-later-service/?sh=64e1016460e5


Co-op to launch recycling scheme
Co-op has introduced a new in-store recycling scheme for plastic bags and product wrapping in a bid to reduce plastic pollution. Recycling units for soft plastics will launch in 1,500 Co-op stores in July and will reach 2,300 shops by November.
Read more aboutthe scheme at: .uk/b Iog/2021/07/co-op-to-launch-extensive-recyclin g-scheme-in-2300-s to res


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