Sirius is a business support agency based in Hedon, east of Hull.   Sirius is a private / public funded organisation, originally established by BP, whose objective was the creation of long term sustainable jobs through the provision of soft loans and advice to start-up and growing businesses.

Sirius was established by BP Chemicals Limited in 1999 to create new jobs in the Hull area to replace the 300 jobs lost when their Saltend site was restructured.  The original aim for Sirius was to recreate over a three year period those jobs lost at the site through the provision of soft loans to start-up ventures from a £1 million fund.  The target of 300 new jobs was achieved well ahead of time and Sirius has gone on to help create thousands jobs in the Hull and Holderness area through the provision of soft loans, business guidance and advice.

Sirius has also been further supported through Kingston Communications, and managed its KC Invest fund, which helps to fund media and technology businesses in the area.

Sirius’ track record is impressive, sustained over 15 years, of continuous high impact and quality delivery of business advice, on-going support and provision of soft loans to small and start-up businesses.  It continues to be recognised both the jobs it has helped create but also for the quality of its delivery, as recognised by ‘Customer First’ and other awards.
The staff and its board of directors are committed to Sirius’s long term future and continue to work actively to attract both public and private sector funds to ensure Sirius on-going support for new and growing businesses.

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The People Behind Sirius

Barbara Dawson

Colin Hanslip

Zoe Ineson

Sirius Team

Client Testimonials

“From our first meeting I found their willingness to help me develop my business and their positivism towards my business venture extremely encouraging at a time when there are so many unknowns. I received practical and relevant advice, not to mention a soft loan, which proved to be invaluable to both my business start up and throughout the subsequent four years we have been trading.


Sirius have proved to be, and I’m sure will be, an invaluable resource as my business has developed from a small beginning to its current size. The network of Sirius businesses has also been a valuable resource for my company, having both traded, and shared experiences, with local businesses going through similar growth and development.”

Peter Kemp - Internet Broadcasting Company

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